About the Kearney Jaycees

The Jaycees is part of a global movement that inspires young people to recognize their strengths, and empower them to be ambitious.

The Jaycees (or Junior Chamber) is a group of young people that join together to improve their lives and their communities. Our goal is to provide leadership training through community service. By chairing a local project, a young person can practice organization, delegation, time and resource management, public relations and motivational skills. The Jaycees also offer training programs that teach these skills. Even if a project does not meet its goals, if the chairperson learned from the experience, then it’s not a failure.

Projects typically fall into these categories:

  • Business – benefits a members professional career (money making events, public relations projects, and budget planning)
  • Individual – projects designed to improve skills or gain knowledge (cultural awareness, communication skills, and spiritual development)
  • Community – benefits the community outside of the chapter (raising money for various charities, children’s events, or even infrastructure)
  • International – introduces members to different countries and cultures (there are currently chapters in over 100 different countries)

Membership Requirements

  • Members must be between the ages of 18 & 40.
  • Annual dues (varies by chapter).
  • A willingness to try new things!

Members are NOT required to:

  • Belong to a specific political party or religion (we’re all over the place).
  • Participate in a specific number of projects or contribute a required number of hours.
  • Attend every meeting or hold an office.