Leadership Training Through Community Service

The Kearney Jaycees is a non-profit organization run by members from a variety of different cultures, backgrounds, and professions. We are passionate about creating positive change, both within our community, and ourselves.

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Who Are the Kearney Jaycees?

The Kearney Jaycees provide creative opportunities to inspire young people to create positive change. Have an idea for a project or event that you want to see come to life? That’s what we’re all about. We put on projects that we’re passionate about, and we love new ideas that grow and change the personality of our chapter.

We’re Involved In Kearney

The best way to make a change in your community is to create a project. We assess local needs, because community challenges cannot be solved without first understanding them. We take action by rallying support, mobilizing resources, and engage partners to share resources and strengths. Every project has a set of goals that tracks the desired outcome, and every event teaches us something new.

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